Outcasts of Faerûn

Ok, the start of the adventure will soon be upon us. So far i have worked the origins out for why the Outcasts have come together. At present, our ensamble contains a Half-Orc Cleric of Ilmater,  A fledgling Paladin of Ilmater,  a Monk of the The Broken Ones,  A Half-Elf druid  and a Elven Witch.


…Their paths have converged on the road outside a small border town in the Cormyr Nation. Where their destiny and fate collide…. and so their tale begins.
If you live in the Tallahassee Area and are interested in joining us. send a msg to Warlock509 or msg me on facebook

Just added a Sample Character Template to the characters tab. use as a guide if you see info you need to add go ahead

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Outcasts of Faerûn

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