Auskron Vor'Koon


Auskron Vor’Koon

Male Half-Orc       Level 1 Cleric

Init +2         Darkvision: 60ft.

Str: 15 (+2)    Dex: 14 (+2)    Con: 17 (+3)    Int: 12 (+1)    Wis: 18 (+4)    Cha :16 (+3)
AC: 20 ,   touch: 12 ,   flat-footed: 18
HP: 11

Savings Throws
Fort +5 ,      Reflex +2 ,      Will +6

Defensive Abilities __________
Immune __________

Base Attack +0    CMB +2    CMD +14

FEATS: Turn Undead

Racial Traits
~Darkvision 60 ft.
~Orc Ferocity
~Orc Blood
Weapon Familiarity
~Greataxes & Falchions


Auskron’s father, Guudash, was an unusual orc with different appetites. He lead his tribe in a victorious battle against an outpost of humans north of Waterdeep and took a human woman in against her will and the wishes of the rest of the tribe. This “union” wasn’t about love. It was about what was his and this woman was his prized possession. He was brutal with her and she was fertile.

During the next nine months Guudash took in several more human females. Some died of hunger and poor conditions while others died during the throes of coitus. Auskron’s mother was strong and determined to survive and escape one day.

That day, she thought, came soon. While Guudash was in a conflict with another power hungry alpha male, she took her chance. Being nine months pregnant, she ran as fast as she could. She did not get far. Labor kicked in and she was forced to stop and push. Amongst a grassy clearing leaning up against a boulder for leverage, she pushed as hard as she could. Her screams made it easy for Guudash to track.

Upon entering the clearing, Guudash was enraged! No one disrespects him! Soon he heard the sounds of a newborn. He walked over to the woman and picked up his son. As Guudash turned to walk away, Auskron’s mother extended her hand in protest. Guudash turned back around and furiously hit her several times in the head with his crude club, smashing her skull in.

Guudash wasn’t the only one attracted to the area by the mother’s screams. A paladin and a cleric wearing their holy symbols emerged onto the scene as Guudash’s final blow landed. The paladin charged Guudash while the cleric started casting a divine spell. The fight was brutal and long. Despite the many wounds the paladin received she kept on fighting, seemingly renewed with each swing of her sword. Guudash threw his club at the divine cleric knocking him on the ground. The distraction gave Guudash enough time to ready a dagger and thrust it forward into the neck of the paladin, killing her.

Suddenly, several arrows hit Guudash along his body. Archers wearing Waterdeep’s tabard walked into the clearing. Realizing that the situation was no longer in his favor, Guudash headed for the treeline. The cleric and a few archers ran after him but stopped short when they saw the orcish babe on the ground. The cleric picked up the babe while the rest of the archers gave chase.

The cleric took in Auskron and raised him under the guidance of Ilmater. Auskron’s childhood was filled prejudice because he was a half-orc in a land that hated orcs.

Auskron Vor'Koon

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