Morathi Uthorin

Level 1 Elf Witch


Morathi Uthorin
Male Elf Witch Level 1
Init +3

AC 14 ,     touch 14 ,     flat-footed 10
HP 9
Fort +2 ,Ref +4 ,Will +4

Str: 14 +2     Dex: 18 +4     Con: 14 +2    Int: 20 +5    Wis: 14 +2    Cha: 10 +0

Base Attack: 0      CMB: 2      CMD: 16

Extra Hex
Cantrips     3 per Day
Level 1     3 per Day

Familiar: Scorpion
Witch’s Patron Force: Elements


Morathi is an elf originally from the High Forest. Raised to be a wizard, he found he had interest in the arcane, but lacked the patience for the intense study involved. He also had a calling to the outdoors, and to see different aspects of the wilderness. After being set up by other students to fail embarrassingly, he took the opportunity and set out into the wild.

Travelling east he saw the wide desert and an intense heat he had never before encountered. There he found a small scorpion who seemed to have an interest in him. After a time the scorpion spoke to him, revealing it was a speaker for a higher power, and had chosen Morathi to be a conduit of its power into the world. It was then Morathi found a magic that fit his style, and became a witch of the elements.

Since then he has continued to explore southeast along the edge of the desert, seeing where his new abilities could have use…

Morathi Uthorin

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